'Tis the Season

I can't believe it's December already...time really flies when you get old. I actually really like this time of year, aside from the obvious reasons. Time was, when I'd look back at the previous year, all I would feel was regret, that I hadn't done enough, accomplished enough. Recently, though, I've been a lot more satisfied with my output...I can actually review what I've done all year and feel good about it. Most of all, I'm amazed that I've gone another year supporting myself as a freelancer. Is this an actual impressive accomplishment, or just complacency brought on by rapidly advancing age and my growing familiarity with apathetic detachment? Aw hell, I don't know...

Anyway, here's a new piece, created to sell on the website (It'd make a great gift, as would any of the half-dozen or so new pieces I added to the site yesterday.). It's Flower, Kamandi's ill-fated girlfriend from Jack Kirby's early 70's masterpiece. I picked up Kamandi Archives Vol. 1 awhile ago, and I guess I got inspired. The fact that she walks around topless didn't hurt, either.

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