Pointy Birds Update

We won game one of the finals Tuesday night, a 6-5 overtime thriller over the Monkeys. For my part, I scored a goal for both teams, chipping in a loose rebound in front of the Monkeys' goal to put us up 2-0, and accidentally tapping a loose puck in front or our net past our stunned goaltender while trying to clear the zone, which tied the score at 5. It's the most embarrassing thing I've done in awhile. Here's to our scoring machine, Steve Rubino, who scored our other five goals, including the OT winner. Saturday we go for the clincher.

Just to be stupid, I've been growing a playoff beard! It's a long-standing tradition for NHL players to stop shaving once the Stanley Cup playoffs begin, and let the face fuzz fly until your team wins it all or is knocked out, a process that can take up to two months! I've only been working on this one for about a week, and the tournament will end no later than Monday either way, so I'm not going to go all Lanny McDonald or anything. Still, this is as close as I'm gonna get so I'm living it up...much to my wife's consternation (Incidentally, in an attempt to similarly frustrate and annoy me, she herself decided last weekend grow playoff leg hair, but she only lasted about 12 hours).

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devon spec said...

love your blog! i really like your retro style. AND you're a penguins fan! my fiance is from sewickley (right out side pittsburgh) and mario lemiux lives about 6 blocks up in a mansion. i always hope to catch a glimpse of sydney crosby (as word on the street is, is that he is staying with mario.) mario also gets his haircut where the fiance goes. small world. anyway, i'm a graphic designer, and was just checking out your stuff. if you're interested here's what i do: