"What Did You Do, Ray?"

At sketch group last night, the talented Eric Sturdevant was working on caricature of evil Republican mastermind Karl Rove. I let go with my standard barrage of insults and epithets, as few people in the world raise my ire quite like this douchebag. "He's a power-mad scumbag!", all that. Eric took it a step further, saying that he personally thought that Rove was the Antichrist. "He doesn't look like he would be, but he is." And that's when it occurred to me...Rove is the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man. He's the living embodiment of all that is evil disguised as a doughy bald guy in Wal-Mart glasses.

I think that, while horribly misguided and feeble-minded, Dubya actually thinks, as a result of his evangelical programming, that what he's doing is right. Rove, on the other hand, seems completely amoral, driven only by and willing to do anything to gain power. His disgusting character assassination of John McCain during the 2000 SC primary is evidence of that (Seriously, are there any reasonable (i.e., non-fundamentalist) right-leaners out there who think McCain wouldn't have done a better job as president than Bush? You have this walking sack of diarrhea to thank for making sure it wouldn't happen.). He's terrifying...and though I think the chances are slim, I'd love nothing more than to see his fat ass nailed to the wall.


Eric Sturdevant said...

I've got another word for Rove - traitor.

Hey, thanks for the plug Rob!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I can't quite hear you. If you could remove that object wrapped around your face. What is that anyway? Oh! Good Lord! It's Hillary Rodham Clinton's ASS! Yes! That's it! Certainly! Could you please remove Hillary Clinton's ASS from your face so that I might hear you better? What? Excuse me? You can't speak more clearly because you're kissing some Democrat's ass?
Here! Let me make it easy for you. Just keep that wrinkly lump of flesh right where it is and I'll straighten you out: If you think your wonderous squad of liberals are any less corrupt than the GOP...or if you think those people are going to do anything to make your life better, you need to keep your nose right where it is and smell the roses you think you smell.

Robert Ullman said...

First off, a real man (or woman) would've posted their name. This "anonymous" BS betrays you as the coward you are.

For the record, I don't care for Hillary Clinton (or her politics) much, and I hope to hell she doesn't win the nomination in 2008, cause she'll get her arse kicked. Here's hoping the democrats will realize this before it's too late, and doom us all to another four years under a fundementalist dickbag like Bill Frist...but I doubt it. They can't seem to walk across the street without tripping over their own feet.

Finally, none of this does anything to change the fact that Karl Rove is a greasy, disgusting pig.