As I mentioned in Saturday's post, my stickers are printed and have arrived in my hot little hands! I'll be updating the Merch page of robullman.com eventually, but for now, if you're interested, you can order them right here using the PayPal links provided below!

Screen-printed on high-quality vinyl, these stickers are UV coated and designed to take a beating, holding their color without fading for upwards of five years! Each is $1.50, with an additional fitty cents added to cover postage and fees. Stick 'em anyplace that could use a little cuteness!

And remember, if you were one of the first five responders to my focus group a few weeks back, you have a free sticker coming! Email me your address and your choice, and I'll get it out to you pronto!

Buy Creamsicle Sticker! (2.00)

Buy ZigZag Sticker! ($2.00)

Buy Both! ($3.50)


Keath007 said...


Before I place my order - are you still doing those first five focus group responses gratis?

Don't mind paying (need to get my copy of Atom Bomb Bikini # 5 anyway) but don't mind getting one free either :)

Robert Ullman said...

Shoot, I forgot! Yes, I am...I'll edit the original post!

Pat Lewis said...

Nice! You'll have these at SPX, I trust?

Robert Ullman said...

You betcha! Table H15-16, hanging with the Wide Awake crew. I'll see you there!

Mack said...

Hey, Rob. The Zig Zag button is the only one working for me. Creamsicle does nothing and the Buy Both button doesn't send me to the shopping cart. Just a heads up, buddie.

Robert Ullman said...

Effing Paypal buttons...I can't seem to get them to work without having these ridiculously large gaps between the label and the link. Well, it should be working now. If anyone has a problem or a question, post it here and I'll address it right away!

Neil said...

Any plans to put these images on shirts? Just throw them up on Cafe Press. I'd buy 'em.

Anonymous said...

The gap is there because there's a "br" tag between each hidden input field.