RKU on the Dollar Bin

A few days ago, the fine lads over at the Dollar Bin posted a short interview I did with their intrepid reporter Adam at the Baltimore Comicon last month. Give it a listen, it'll only take a few minutes. While you're there, you might take a listen to some of the other audio they have to offer, as it's usually quite good!

Also, until I pointed it out, the listing for the interview had my name misspelled as "Rub Ullman". Mmm-HAH!


Kris Black said...

Hey Rub,
Kris from the Dollar Bin. That would be Adam's misspelling. I kinda like it though. Rub seems like a better name for a guy that draws "pretty ladies" so darn well.

Enjoy SPX. Adam will be there. You have the Dollar Bin crew's permission to smack Adam around a bit.


Adam said...

I'd like to take the time to thank everyone for such great support.