A Quick Note About the Orders

If you're one of the fine folks who ordered Atom-Bomb Bikini #5 or any other books from me recently, thanks! I truly appreciate it. You're no doubt wondering when exactly your stuff is gonna show up, so let me take a minute to give everybody a general update.

I got a huge boost in orders thanks to the Boing Boing post two weeks ago where Mark Frauenfelder reccommended the book. So many, in fact, that it's taken me awhile to get on top of all of them, considering that I was already scheduled to be out of town the following week at SPX, and because a good deal of the books, which are all folded and stapled by hand, had yet to be assembled! Thankfully, I'm just about caught up, and all of the remaining orders should go out by early this week. So if you can just give me a few more days, I'll have your books and stickers in your hands before too much longer!

Again, big thanks to everyone who ordered, and especially to Mark Frauenfelder for the awesome shout-out!

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