University of Michigan: The Big Chill

Last December, the Michigan Wolverines hosted the Michigan State Spartans in an outdoor game at Michigan Stadium. The record-setting crowd of 113,411 is not only the largest to ever watch a hockey game, but the largest in the history of Michigan Stadium, period. Most of them went home happy too, thanks to a 5-0 drubbing of the Spartans by the Wolverines.

This gaudy sucker was the jersey sported by Michigan that day, a throwback to the ones worn by the NCAA Champion 1947-48 team. STRIPES!


Tom said...

I love all your hockey stuff. It's so overlooked down here in NC that it's cool to see all the attention you give it. I've been wondering for a while what I should finally commission you for, now I'm thinking a Checkers girl might be where I land.

strugglingwriter said...

I despise Michigan, but this is an awesome illustration. Maybe my favorite one of yours thus far!


Anonymous said...

Very good work Rob