Sporty Sketches

When someone commissions a sports uni piece, the first thing they get is a sketch (or two) to see what I have in mind for their final illustration. I usually don't spend much time on likenesses in these sketches,... rather I'm trying to settle on a pose they like, something that captures the spirit of the subject. Often the illustration mutates a good bit between the initial sketch and final product, but sometimes I nail it on the head right out of the gate. In either case, I find that quick thumbnail sketches have a life and vibrancy all their own, nowhere near as polished but every bit as fun to look at as final, finished illustrations.


Michael Dooney said...

love seeing the sketches. I know for most of us, the real work is in trying to live up to the promise of the roughs ;)

LUONGO1 said...

Hi Rob, It's Bernadette aka Canucks Girl!!!! So excited to see my first sketch again. It would be interesting to see some of the sketches next to the final products.

Here's to Vancouver winning the cup so my name will be etched in eternity!

Thanks Again
Luongo 1

Anonymous said...

These are fantastic!! Luongo 1, yours is AWESOME! Gorgeous! :D