Ginger Classic 2011

"The Ginger Classic is a local rendition of the Winter Classic, an inspiring event held by the NHL currently on an annual basis. The name comes from one's ambition, and red hair, to best emulate the outdoors tournament at an outdoors rink in Ashland, VA where hockey enthusiasts of all talents and ages can come together and endure winter elements that don't give us the experience of true pond hockey.

For those that have not made the "Ginger" Classic connection, it's been mentioned that the founder has red hair. Before the first tournament, a participant made a parody statement and the name has stuck ever since."

My logo for the event:


Michael said...

Beyond awesome. Love it. As a long self-student of the graphic arts, I really put this logo up on the top of the list for all time favorites.

I wish I could be there to participate.

strugglingwriter said...

Your graphic is great. I would say, though, that I certainly had something else in mind when reading the title "Ginger Classic".

Tom said...

Beautiful logo!