Heroes Con 2010-The Haul

Left to right: Enquirer Dharbin by Dustin Harbin; Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean by Ben Towle; Nathan Sorry 1 & 2 by Rich Barrett; Richard's Poor Almanac by Richard Thompson; Fast Food Feud by Bradwick McGinty; Everyday by Joe Lambert; CHAING! by Cliff Chaing; Oh, WOW! by Adam Hughes; Pale Rider anthology; Cleopatra in Space and Cow and Buffalo: Superheroes by Mike Maihack; Tracy Lee Quinn's self-titled sketchbook; and Black & White and Character Flawed by Nathan Fox


EZ Goodnight said...

Looks like you ran into Mike Maihack! I'm from NC and I really miss going to Heroes Con every year. It's too long a haul to get there from FL just for a weekend.

Robert Ullman said...

Sure 'nuff! I've been seeing his work in various places over that last few years but it was nice to finally meet the man.

I mentioned MegaCon, and he said I should think about going some year...I told him it was a deal as long as I could sit next to him and siphon his longtime customers!