Bond Girls Curling Team

When I was in San Diego for Comicon last summer, I met Matt, Jen and Donna, who happened to browse by my table and look at some of my sporty-girl illustrations. Somehow the topic of curling came up, and I discovered that Jen and Donna were on a women's curling team based in Hollywood called Bond Girls. A skeletal agreement to do a commission was made, and a few weeks ago, I finished this illustration, with which I am super happy!

Check out Team Bond Girls on the web, friend 'em on facebook...and hell, if it's convenient, check out a bonspiel!


Mark said...

Curling in Hollywood?!? The girls on my high school team didn't wear such...fun uniforms.

Anonymous said...

That is SO cool! And I should've known the Bond Girls would be at Comicon. Love your work!
Dena (Team Mizuno from Colorado)

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