Biting the Bullet

Stumbled upon this strip while going through some old files the other day, which I created over a weekend for The Washington City Paper back in 2001. Written by Chris Flores, it details his attemps and experiences trying to register a gun in the District of Columbia. DC's laws have changed since then, as have Chicago's, which changed just yesterday. Figured it was a timely topic.

For my part, I hate guns, and would never own one. I find them to be, in most cases, a completely worthless accessory for paranoid types to own to feed into their persecution fantasies. Gun manufacturers further feed into this emotion, selling bigger and more horrible weapons to everyday citizens, framing their greed as a Constitutional rights issue, as if our sainted and infallible founding fathers could have conceived in their wildest dreams of a gun that could fire 500 rounds in ten seconds. If you ask me, real life just isn't that dangerous, and the possibility for unintended tragedy is far too high.


Dr. MVM said...

Well said sir. I completely agree with your view of guns. And I love your art. ;o)

DeekGeek said...

It is fortunate for me that art and politics are not required to be a matched set.

Great artwork, as always!

Mark said...

Enjoyed the blast from the past, while it did look like it was a pain in the ass, speaking as someone who doesn't own a gun, it doesn't look like it was impossible to get or keep a gun.

Robert Ullman said...

Mark- Yeah, that's a good point...it didn't seem impossible, but it did require the guy to make an effort. I'm all for this; I don't think it should be that easy to buy a gun. Make folks put some time and effort into it to ensure that they're up to the responsibility. One of my beefs with the NRA is that they're constantly trying to make it easier and easier to immediately get ahold of a gun.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you say. I also find it disgusting, the power the NRA has in relation to their importance.

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY in my home town owned a gun and hunted. Except for my family. My Dad never hunted, I guess, because he is from Pittsburgh and never really had the chance to hunt. So I don't either.

When I was younger I thought it would be cool to have a shotgun to go skeet shooting but I'm glad I never got one. I don't want one in my house. I'm okay if other people have them but they aren't for me.


Drew Habits said...

Not for nothing, but I bet you'd get pretty pissy if a gun blog (I mean, there has to be a gun blog, right? This is the internet; there is always a blog) ran an article that stereotyped illustrators as being, in most cases, a bunch of sissy namby-pambies who learned to draw because they were scared to talk to real women

Not saying that's you, mind, just saying you might be offended if someone made that generalization

PS You're right about Jets fans, though, straight-up