Yo Gabba Cupcake-a

Today's my little girls SECOND birthday, which I can scarcely believe. These're the rad Yo Gabba Gabba cupcakes her mom and grandma made up for the occasion (I personally contributed the one of Gooble).

EDIT: Here's Evie tearing into Toodee's face at 6:15 this morning. The horror!


Bfm said...

Absolutely love the Yo Gabba Gabba cupcakes. My son had some early lung issues and required nebulizer treatments. He didn't like it but we eventually discovered that Yo Gabba Gabba would distract him to allow for non-hysterical treatment.

Congrats on the Penguins Stanley Cup victory. I found it to be a great series (though painful result for me) though I screwed myself over on Game 7 by getting a text message of the result before I was able to watch it on Tivo.


Robert Ullman said...

What a coincidence...we're friends with a couple who have the exact same situation with their little boy, nebulizer and all. That Yo Gabba Gabba is mesmerizing!

Thanks for the congrats on the Stanley Cup result! And as a C&C reader, I hope nothing I posted in the heat of battle was too terribly offensive...I tend to be a sweeping generalizer!

Sean McGurr said...

Love the Yo Gabba Gabba. The cupcakes are awesome. Did you dress up like DJ Lance Rock?

Brad McGinty said...

Dude, those are so awesome. I'm going to have to make some like that for my niece.

Unknown said...

I just googled "yo gabba gabba cupcakes" to get ideas for my daughter's birthday and randomly clicked on your image first. Turns out I know you! Worked with you briefly at Richmond magazine a few years back. Your daughter is adorable and your cupcakes are an inspiration. Hope you are well! --Jill Pollard

Robert Ullman said...

Of course! Yeah, I remember you, Jill! Thanks...that is too crazy. If you do decide to make the YGG cupcakes, I hope they turn out great.

Further coincidentally, I made that post exactly two years ago today...today's Evie's fourth birthday, and it's all princesses and Bubble Guppies this time around!