San Diego Comic-Con: The Sketches

The last couple years at Heroes Con, SPX, Baltimore, wherever, it seems like I get asked to draw a bunch of sketches...but I never remember to take pictures of 'em! So, among the stuff I packed for San Diego was a big pad of bristol board, my little battery-powered pencil sharpener, and of course, the camera.. At it turned out, I didn't do many sketches at all... maybe a little more'n a half-dozen over the 4+ days...and of those, I forgot to photograph about half!

But here're the ones I did remember:

A dead Laura Palmer, for Brett Warnock's TWIN PEAKS sketchbook:

And a Wonder Girl, for Brett's little boy's Teen Titans book:

Power Girl! The only one I didn't ink. There's no way all those spheres don't come out wonky when you're using a brush pen in your lap:

A sexy pirate. This one's my fave:


Michael Dooney said...

nice ones, especially the pirate girl. I was joking at the con that Pirates are the new Klingons....they were everywhere!

Ben Towle said...

"...all those spheres..."

I'll say!!

Seriously, I can't believe that that's all the sketching that came up at San Diego. I guess that just makes me realize what a pleasant oddity Heroes Con is that department. I'll bet you sold a ton of books and art, though.


Jay Geldhof said...

LOVE that Laura Palmer! Great use of blue.

Robert Ullman said...

Ben, I wish I could say you're correct...

Randy said...

*Loved* the sexy pirate girl in my theme book, Rob. I'm sending a scan over to you now so you've got a big version of it.

Really dug the art book as well.