Rescue at Sea!

The following image is from this month's Virginia Living magazine, in my regular spot on the Olden Times page, detailing quirky and curious anecdotes about the history of the Commonwealth. This month's installment focused on the legendary exploits of Captain John Haff, a living tall-tale based on the eastern Virginia shore during the mid-1800s.

From the story:

"Another time, when a boat was in trouble in a storm, its captain called on Haff specifically for help. Haff dove in, slipped into a rope rig and, swimming, towed the vessel to safety."

True or not, I loved the visual. It wasn't easy settling on a method and palette that'd get across the idea of a nighttime storm at sea, but after some trial and effort, the pale browns and greens seemed to work best. The key was leaving the raindrops white...gives the rain almost a snowstorm feel, swirling and blinding. Not that it mattered to the superhuman Haff!

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