Obligatory Michael Jackson Post

I dunno, it seems like the thing to do. Thriller was my favorite record when I was 12 years old, as I'm sure it pretty much was for almost every other person my age. Hell, I even thought parts of Bad were pretty awesome, but Jacko completely lost me soon after that with the plastic surgery and especially the pedophilia.

Damaged and sad, yes, but I stop short of calling his a tragic case...He was a colossal weirdo, a frankenstein monster with enough fortune to afford any and every of his crazy whims.

Anyway, I've drawn Jacko several times over the past few years. This was the first, for Savage Love in the early aughts. Don't recall why he was holding a tampon, but my brain shudders at the possibilities.

Then there was this from last summer, the "Over It" issue of the Las Vegas Weekly...postulating that people were over MJ sightings around town. I don't remember if having his nose pop off was my idea or the art director's, but it's definitely kinda hilarious.