Eye Candy from Strangers

Last week I received my contributor copy of EYE CANDY FROM STRANGERS Vol. 1, the first volume of an annual collection of pinup art compiled, edited and published by the amazing Alberto Ruiz and BrandStudio Press. It's kind of like one of those "Workbook"- style illustration annuals, except it's all cheesecake, by dozens of different artists from all over the world working in dozens of different styles. It's also freakin' spectacular, and I'm jazzed, humbled and honored to be included. You can find out more and order the book (or even submit something of your own for next year's edition) at Alberto's website.

And full disclosure, just so no one gets "double-dipped"...the piece of mine that was included was the girl in the Penguins jersey from Atom-Bomb Bikini #5.


Shon Richards said...

That is a gorgeous looking book. Congratulations.

Mack said...

just got mine ordered. looks like a pretty cool book despite the double dip.