10k Post-Mortem

Well, obviously, I survived...it wasn't quite as great as last year, mainly 'cause it was colder and rained the entire race, but Alycia and I kept a good pace throughout and managed to run (rather than walk) the entire way. And you gotta love any scene where 30,000 people turn out to run six miles...especially when you're from Ohio, one of the fattest places on Earth. Funny thing is, I trained and followed a workout regimen for eight weeks before the run last year, and this year, I was a lot lazier (out of necessity, 'natch) and ran a mile or two and lifted weights where I could, doubting the entire time that I'd be able to make it all the way through on race day. Know what all that preparation last year was worth? Eight lousy seconds. That's right, I finished a measly eight seconds slower than last year. So much for preparation!

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