Look Ma, I'm on the Teevee!

I was contacted last fall by the fine folks at PopMark Media on behalf of Ameri-Dry, a leading basement waterproofing company based in Maryland, about creating a super-hero-type character/pitchman for use in all aspects of their identity, from their website, to their service vehicles, to television commercials.

Right away, I felt like "grim and gritty" would be the wrong direction to go with this character, envisioning more of a 1950's type, working-man super guy... more All-Star Squadron than Image Comics... almost corny, to some extent. I did a few sketches, and ultimately came up with this:

I know, right? A few tweaks (and proprietary conversations) later, and we have a corporate mascot! 

I then designed a few more characters and illustrated some keyframes, before sending them off to be animated by the guys at Resolution Post, resulting in these two commercials, which are now running in Baltimore and Knoxville, TN!

Look ma, I'm on the teevee!


Mark said...
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Mark said...

You are a veritable Alex Toth for the 21st century, congrats!

Matt said...

That is so freakin' cool. What a treat to have your art in animated form. Congrats, sir!

Willy Willions said...

Those are great, man!! Really charming. I didn't think anyone made local commercial anymore. Remember "Aw, Dry up!" with Big Chuck and Little John?

I liked the second one best--it gives a hint of what a Rob Ullman tv series could look like.

Brad McGinty said...

Holy crap! These turned out great! Nice work man!