Heroes Con 2012

Wow, how is it that something you've been looking forward to for over two years can sneak up on you? Still, that's what I'm looking at. I'm talking, of course about Heroes Con, which'll be kicking off right around this time tomorrow morning in loverly Charlotte, NC. I missed last year's show, thanks to this handsome little bastard, which means I'm more anxious than usual to see all my fans and comics pals, do a crapload of commissions, and get some con deals!

This year's show is extra special, too, as I was honored...HONORED...to provide the artwork for the official Indie Island t-shirt. I'm really stoked about how it turned out, I hope you like it too. You can get 'em at the show, in both men's and ladies' versions, and who knows, I might be able to make a few available on the blog next week. Also, I'm submitting the original art for the shirt to the must-attend Heroes Con Art Auction Saturday night, so you can take this little comics-lovin' gal home with you in all kinds 'a different ways!

Anyway, I'll be there all weekend in a J Chris Campbell/Brad McGinty sandwich at AA-546 on Indie Island. There'll be a bunch of new to Heroes books like Old-Timey Hockey Tales and Teeny Bikini #7 and some just plain old new for real books like Bluelines and Ghost Story. Lots of new prints, too, and the second set of Legion Ladies prints. Honestly, I'm bringing the whole damn store, so if there's something you want, it's for sale. If you want to give me a heads up on a sketch or commission you might like to have done, drop me a line in the comments as well!

And finally, if you have a few minutes, check out this piece from Rob over at Panel Patter, talking to a bunch of Heroes Con vets about why they love it so. Also, if you happen to be going to the show, then for god's sake check out this list of dining recommendations Heather Peagler has put together...it's a must read!

So I'll see you this weekend, right? Awesome.


Mark said...

Tats + Glasses = I like very much!

Unfortunately, I won't be there to make a bid on it:(

Willy Willions said...

That shirt is rad. Wish I could join you. Have fun, Chappy!

Sterg Botzakis said...

The shirt is awesome!

Also, I had a great time meeting with you and talking hockey this weekend. If you follow my profile, you will find my graphic novels blog I do in part for my students at UT.

I really loved your Small Gestures book, and I wonder if you ever did a follow up. Also, please tell Bill Burg his March book was great! You were right, it was dense and it packed quite the narrative punch.

Have a great week!