Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 5-6

As far back as 2003, I can remember chatting on the phone with Chris Pitzer about this show in Toronto called TCAF, and how I'd reeeeally like to exhibit there one day. Well, it took almost a decade... I was all planning to go in 2007 and 2011, but we had to go and have a kid each of those years... but I'll finally be making my TCAF debut this weekend!

The staff of the show, Christopher Butcher in particular, have been astoundingly cool in helping artists prepare for the trip, with advice on dealing with customs, exchanging currency and any other question you could ask. They also gave me a pretty incredible table space, right near my pals Michael Cho and Jimmy Beaulieu, and smack in the middle of everything. First floor, Table 111...and here's a little visual reference, just in case you find yourself overwhelmed by what's sure to be a busy crowd all weekend!

I have plans to check out the Hockey Hall of Fame on Friday, do a little sightseeing and a lot of hanging out! Really, REALLY excited about this trip...Hope to see you there!


Jeff said...

Don't know if you've ever been to the HHOF, Rob, but you of all people will definitely enjoy it! You will just love the section with the old hockey unis, assuming that it is still there!

Robert Ullman said...

I have NOT! I went to high school about a half-hour from the football HOF in Canton and have been there probably a dozen times (my car even broke down there once) but this'll be my first trip to the hockey palace. Really looking forward to it.

Michael Cho said...

I am wicked excited to be sitting near you at a show. I'm gonna fling rubber bands at you all weekend :)