Before You Know It

The Small Press Expo, better known as SPX, is a scant six weeks away...Yikes! It'll be here before I know it. I have a little project in the works that I hope to complete before then...a mini-comic called Diamonds are a Girl's Worst Enemy, featuring the same characters that appeared in That's Just Super, which came out in 2005. There's words this time, and a little bigger format, probably 5.5 square or so, so it's been a little more work than I intended (as is usually the case). I'm gonna have to hustle, but I think I can do it!

Also, my pal J. Chris Campbell (with whom I'll be splitting a booth at SPX) and I have decided to try and post every day for the month of August in preparation for the show. Nothing like making more work for yourself! Today, it's a quick, pencilled panel from the new book. Enjoy!


billburg said...

Laura is getting the West Wing tour (not the TV show) on Sep. 11, so I may see you at the SPX!

Shannon Smith said...

Oh man. Can't wait to see that mini. Good luck finishing it. I won't make SPX so try not to sell all of 'em.