That's Just Super!

Hopefully, if I can get the last few pages inked and scanned, my new comic, THAT'S JUST SUPER, will be ready to debut next weekend the FLUKE Comics Festival in Athens, GA, and at APE in San Francisco (where I'll be appearing in the ever-lovin' flesh as well) the week after that. Previously announced on this blog as being titled HEY, LI'L LADY ( a name change very much for the better, and courtesy of Wide Awake Press publisher/genius/scalawag J.Chris Campbell), it's a 48-page wordless super hero adventure. Check out that cover!


eric sturdevant said...

Dig the retro cover art! Is this a new stylistic direction for you or just a one-shot?

Robert Ullman said...

Somewhere in-between, I guess...I've done a lot of stuff in this sort of "vector-style" in the past for paying clients and design jobs, but not for my own stuff. I just thought it'd be a nice change of pace, and since it's a super-hero book rather than a slice-of-life indy tale, I figured employing a little bit different look was appropriate.

Mack said...

looks great, rob. when can we start lining your pockets with cash in order to get one of these things?