My Squirrel Boy

Ten years ago today, October 23, 1999, my parents (who were in town for a visit) and I stopped in front of the local Wachovia where Richmond's SOS Animal Shelter had a bunch of dogs and cats for adoption. Having recently checked with my landlord to see if it'd be okay, I figured it was time to finally go ahead and get a pup. I paid my 75 clams, and went home that day with a six month old golden retriever mix, who I named Puck.

A lot has changed since that day...we've moved a half-dozen times, met and married my wife, had a daughter...but Puck's been with me the entire way. I am and have always been a dog person - I imagine our family will have a dog for the rest of my life. But no pooch will ever be my best pal the way Ol' Puckie Boy has.

A little bit of related artwork: A few years back, as I was about to reprint Squirrel Boy, the mini-comic I did in 2000 about Puck chasing a squirrel , I considered creating a new cover for the book. I eventually went with just altering the original cover a bit...but I did do a pretty involved sketch for the new cover, which I'll share with you here.

EDIT, 10/28: Just got back from the vet for Puck's yearly checkup. I'm pleased to report he's in tip-top shape! We celebrated with a Wendy's double cheeseburger.


Michael Dooney said...

Hey Rob, I like you even more now that I know you're a dog guy!

M said...

Sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was a great companion

John Winstanley

Robert Ullman said...

Oh, John, I'm sorry if I gave the wrong idea! Puck is fine...I was just celebrating the tenth anniversary of my adopting him!

Dang it, I was afraid this sounded too much like a eulogy!

willy willions said...

God bless Puck! And thanks for sharing the alternate cover!

Paul said...

Puck rules!

Brian said...

I love that Squirrel Boy mini-comic. I remember buying a couple of copies one year at Heroes Con to give to other "dog persons".