Baltimore Bound

Hey! I'll be getting up at the crack' a dawn tomorrow morning, and heading up to Charm City for the Baltimore Comicon! You'll find me at the official ass-end of the con...my own fault, for waiting so long to grab a spot...at table 178. No worries, though...just look for the giant Atom-Bomb Bikini banner!

I'll be there all day Saturday, but leaving early Sunday to avoid all the pesky Ratbird traffic when the Ravens game empties out at around 4:30...which means if you want a sketch (and I'd love to do one for ya!), catch me sometime on the first day!

See you there!


Tim said...

How about a Ravens girl my man?

grk said...

Good to see you Rob. My son looked at the orginal art, smiled, drooled. That means he likes it! Keep in touch. Your next Rolling Rock in NC is on me.