Miro Satan

I had intended for this illustration to be a much bigger deal...when the Penguins signed Miroslav Satan (pronounced she-TAN) over the summer, I was instantly enthralled with the possibilities. It seemed perfect...I love to draw devil girls and hockey jerseys, and then my favorite team goes and gets a guy named SATAN? I started this drawing right away!

Unfortunately, I waited a bit to long to finish it. After a decent start, ol' Miro has kinda gone in the tank, along with the rest of the Penguins, who have lost seven of their last eight games...most of those games having been played against crappy teams. So, my plans for a spectacular, Mellon-Arena-on-fire background have been shelved indefinitely. Still, it's a fun image. Enjoy!


damon said...

i like

Brian said...


I'm a big fan of your stuff. Found you through UniWatch.

As an avid Eagles fan, I'm wondering if you'll have some tasty Steelers/Eagles illustrations should an all-PA Super Bowl come to pass.


Anonymous said...

I always felt it a great injustice that a guy named SATAN never got to play for my DEVILS

Robert Ullman said...

You can have him for a sack of pucks if you're interested.