Here, Queer

Here's a spot I did for The Stranger...Gay kid from the sticks arrives in the big city for college, ready to paint the town red (or at least pink). No one cares, they've seen it all before.


Dale Wylie said...

I hope you don`t mind but I`ve linked to your blog from mine cos I really like your illustrations:)
I`m hopefully starting an illustration course at university. I don`t seem to have much of a style though. Is your work all hand inked?

Robert Ullman said...

Hey Dale-Please, link away...and thanks for the compliments!

Yep, all my work is hand inked...mainly brush, and with pens where I need a good, straight line or superfine detail.

Good luck with the illustration course...That kind of instruction can be pretty invaluable (depending on the competency of the instructor, of course), but nothing beats drawing, drawing and drawing to develop your own style! Keep at it, and it'll get there.