Jim Aparo 1932-2005

What a bummer. Jim Aparo was responsible for a pretty huge percentage of the comics I saw in my real early years of reading, with the Aquamans and The Brave and the Bolds that seemed to find their way into my hands, and was probably the first artist whose name I recognized. He had a great run on B&B, lasting almost 100 issues and in the process, giving Aparo the opportunity to draw nearly every character in the DC Universe at the time. And his Aquaman issues...stories by Steve Skeates, with art (and lettering!) by Aparo and covers by Nick Cardy...no wonder the Sea King was my favorite hero growing up!

I followed his run on Batman and The Outsiders too...he was doing good stuff even then, well into the 80s, until they saddled him with terrible inkers (Mike Decarlo, ughh...he could make Eisner look bad) and he seemed to drop off the map.

I wish I'd had a chance to meet the man...Rest in Peace, Jim!

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