Stanley Cup: Round 2

So how'd you do in round one? I went a respectable, if not spectacular 5-3. REALLY shocked to see both the Kings and Blackhawks kicked out by their traditional little brothers. Makes me worry about my Penguins!

Metropolitan Division Finals

(1) Washington Capitals vs. (2) Pittsburgh Penguins 

Man, this is gonna be a hell of a series. I'm not gonna say that whoever comes out on top in this matchup is gonna win the Cup or anything, because things rarely work out that way...but they'll no doubt be the favorite to do so.

We've got the league's best team vs. the league's hottest team. The Penguins' speed vs. the Capitals' size. Sid vs. Ovi and a cast of thousands. While I think the Capitals might empirically be the better team, I think the Pens are the better team right now. And with all the crushing pressure the Caps and their fans are feeling right now, I think that Pittsburgh will grab the house money and run with it. Pens in six.

Atlantic Division Finals

(1) Tampa Bay Lightning vs. (WC2) New York Islanders 

You've gotta be wondering how long the Isles are gonna be able to overcome their goaltending situation...current starter Thomas Greiss is their what... fifth-, sixth-stringer? Still, John Tavares and co. made it happen against top seed Florida and kinda made it look easy.

The Lightning are looking forward to the return of Stephen Stamkos after dispatching the Red Wings in just five games. It won't be easy for the Bolts, but they'll get it done. Lightning in seven.

Central Division Finals

(1) Dallas Stars vs. (2) St. Louis Blues 

The Blues finally get past their current arch-rivals, the Blackhawks, only to end up facing the team that seemed to beat them every year in the playoffs all through the 1990's, the Stars. The Blues looked far more impressive in dispatching Chicago than Dallas did toiling with the Wild, but I still think it'll be the  Stars in seven.

Pacific Division Finals

(3) San Jose Sharks vs. (WC1) Nashville Predators 

Well, here I go again. I said I'd never pick the Sharks again, but they looked mighty fine against the Kings and will smell blood in the water facing a fatigued, beaten-up Predators squad. Y'know, unless they pull a Sharks and fade. Sharks in six.

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