FOUND: Atom-Bomb Bikini #4

Browsing one of Richmond's crappier comics shops a couple weeks back, I discovered that one of the copies of Atom-Bomb Bikini #4 I sold them back in 2005 or so languishing on a shelf in the back of the store where nobody would ever find it. It's been out of print forever...I ran out of copies in 2007 or thereabouts...so I decided to just buy the damn thing back from them and offer it to any blog readers who might've missed out the first time around.

It's on etsy now...act fast, there's seriously only one of these to be had. I'll throw in a mess of free stickers to whoever grabs it up.

EDIT: And it's gone! Thanks, A. If I ever uncover another copy, I'll be sure & post it!


Richard H said...

Glad it found a home. My copy is sitting safe and sound on my shelf.

Mark said...

Yup, I'm glad I bought a copy - I had no idea it had become a collectors item;)

TomC said...

Dang, Missed it ;)

Mark Salamon said...

You've got to go scour some more stores!

Swimwear said...

Thanks for sharing it.I will definitely go for it!