From the Vaults: High Point University

I found the original art for this job as I was rifling through my archives last night, trying to locate some reference for another project I'm currently working on. I had almost completely forgotten all about it!

Just to back up and explain a bit- Back in the early 00's I worked with my pal Chip on a couple of kid's storybooks about college sports mascots. Such things are pretty standard fare at university bookstores and the like, and of wildly varying quality. Anyway, we'd done one for Wake Forest and one for NC State, and had begun working on one for Clemson when this book for Chip's alma mater, High Point University, came up and needed to be completed tout de suite. I finished the whole thing, 14 full-page color illustrations, in a little over two weeks, including one marathon session of inking and coloring over the long, rainy Labor Day weekend of 2005.  

The results? Eh, not bad. My coloring is a bit garish, but it's supposed to be for kids after all. One thing that was weird was that the story seemed more aimed toward older kids who are about to choose a college, in more of a "here are all the cool things about High Point University"vein. But who am I to say, I'm just the drawing monkey!


Dylanio21 said...

Wow man, you honestly do the coolest projects, I love your posts.

Tom Calhoun said...


Of course as a Clemson grad now you've got me hunting down what you did for the Tigers!