Dr. Sketchy's - Escape from Arkham

Last night I went to the latest chapter of Richmond's Dr. Sketchy group at the Camel. Entitled "Escape from Arkham", it featured the lovely Deanna Danger and Hellcat Holly dressed as Harley Quinn and Catwoman, respectively.

I arrived about an hour into the program, and as a result, missed a chance to draw the ladies in full super-villian garb. However, as a glance at the sketches will illustrate, you shouldn't feel too sorry for me. Another effect of showing up late was that I had no chance to do any quick warm-up sketches, and my drawing chops were pretty ice-cold for the first half-hour or so.

Still, I managed to warm up and make some fun drawings, a few of which are shown here. Most (if not all) of these were 10-minute poses, and some of them were contests...in particular, the last one, where the challenge was to incorporate Batman in some way!

Anyway, it was a blast, as always...maybe not quite as educational/practical as traditional life-drawing with a nude model, but fun enough to more than make up for it...plus, there's beer! I'll definitely be back next month.


Anonymous said...

Love Harley Quinn!

Nice work and I bet it was a good time.


Michael Dooney said...

seems to me like your timing was pretty good;) I am envious of all of you Sketchy goers, there aren't any closer than 1.5 hours from me, but I just heard there are plans for a more local chapter so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Eric said...

Ah, Harley... *sigh*

James Anderson said...

Your ice cold chops still did a nice job, so you must be doing something right.

damon said...

super cool that would of been fun to draw