Black Wednesday? Cyber Wednesday?

Okay, so I got busy and kinda missed the traditional kick-off to the Christmas season, but I didn't want any more time to pass before making a cash grab special offer of my own to my beloved readers.

If you ordered a copy of Atom-Bomb Bikini: The Lurid Art of Robert Ullman over the course of the year, it no doubt occurred to you as you were thumbing through its pages that lots of your friends would like to own their own copy. So from now until the end of December, when you order a copy of the book as a gift for a friend (using the handy button on the right side of the page), you'll get a couple full-color Atom-Bomb Bikini holiday cards to give along with it (or keep for yourself)! I'll be going all Fezziwig on you, throwing in free stickers and so forth as well. Finally, you can do your shopping and put the "X" back in "Xmas" at the same time! God Bless Us, Every One!

Commercial over!

1 comment:

Eric Braun said...

Just ordered a copy for a friend of mine in Australia. I think this book is going to be one of her favorite xmas presents!!

btw, Rob, whats the deal with stickers? Is
that something you can easily do? Because the Dodgers illo you did of my wife last xmas, I would love to be able to get a shitload of stickers of it...what do you think? Side business?