New Books!

Hey, folks...finally have a couple of new books available in the shop: Teeny Bikini #4 and Crustacean Frustration!

Teeny Bikini #4 is another wee 20-page volume of sketchbook madness, along with several inked pieces and sporting a pop-art inspired, old-timey-esque comic cover.

Crustacean Frustration is a story of a chef and a lobster, of heartbreak and redemption. Also, curiously, it's pretty much all-ages, despite the fact that it's the only story I've ever done that involves a firearm! Hell of a country, ain't it?!

You can check out some pages from each book below, and scroll down a little further for the all important PayPal buttons! And as always, thanks for reading!

(PS: I'm aware that the spacing below surrounding the PayPal buttons is completely f'ed up...my apologies! If anyone can shed some light as to why, I'm all ears!)



Order BOTH!


willy willions said...

Both of these look great! This is the first I've heard of Crustacean Frustration. Can't wait!

Robert Ullman said...

I think you'll dig it!

Adam said...

I Love Rob Ullman!
Oh man, you are going to get so many hugs next weekend!

Mack said...

mmmmmm freshly ordered bikini :)