Un-fucking-believable. I take back everything bad I ever said about football.

And Coach Belicheat...what a class act, eh? Leaves the field early, then doesn't even give the obligatory "Congrats to the Giants" in his terse postgame interview. I always knew he was a dick.


Payo said...

He left the field early because he knew the Pats videotape unit would get excellent coverage for him to look at later.

Watching Plaxico get choked up during his port-game interview really made the night for me.

And as for Tom Brady, I feel sorry for the guy - I mean tonight he has to go home and sleep with Giselle.

Adam said...

I knew you'd have something on here as soon as the game was over. It was a well deserved loss for the Patriots. Not to mention all the people who've gone on record saying "Eli's not his brother. Well we see where all the talent is in this family." Well it seems to me that Eli got there way faster than the Colts and with fewer weapons on the field and they went threw the Patriots. Don't get me wrong I do think Eli is a whiney bitch, but I find great humor in the whole thing.

Robert Ullman said...

Yeah, crazy, inn'it? Eli Manning is the Super Bowl MVP. I wasn't even sure he'd be the starter all year! He played his ass off, and deserves all the credit in the world. That said, I do really like Peyton Manning, almost more so cause he doesn't win every year! He's a funny dude, he's gawky...what's not to like?

And Plex...yeah, I really had mixed feelings about him in Pittsburgh, I loved his talent, but he sometimes just didn't seem to show up, you know? But all week, since he made his "prediction" or whatever it was, and that douche Brady acted all smug about it, I've been rooting for him to get the MVP. His catching the game-winning TD is even better, and it turns out the Pats scored even fewer points than Plex predicted they would! Suck it, Pats!

Daniel Ted said...


Anonymous said...

You get the feeling that if the Giants played the cheaters ten more times, they'd beat them at least eight. Spectacular plays, incredible defensive play, and Manning made for what has to be the greatest postseason run by any team ever, having beaten Tampa Bay, Dallas, and Green Bay on the road before this one. Not to mention, this was the best Super Bowl I've seen in many years, other than the Rams-Titans in 1999.

Belicheat showed what he is — a quitter who can't play by the rules. He was clearly frustrated that the refs weren't calling phantom holding calls all night against the Giants like they did against all the other Patriot opponents.

I'm from St. Louis and back in '02 we found it odd that an 11-5 team could completely shut down the 'greatest show on turf.' Turns out they needed a lot of video help to do so.

Chad Parenteau said...

Thanks for posting the "Cheaters" shirt below. I used that pic on my own blog.

I am not by any means a die hard sports fan, but I have almost my entire family and a good group of friends who are, so I keep informed on their Patriots, their favorite team (I give them slack; they were fans even during the 80's, which was pretty depressing).

I've been watching this season with some interest. I often feel I have to apologize on behalf of Boston, where I live, for the way we act, whether it's football or baseball. I ended up warning a few friends that Boston and New England were on their way to becoming the New New York. However, some would argue that it already happened, if only for a brief moment before Brady got sacked that last time.

Robert Ullman said...

Chad, in all fairness to you and your people, I think fans of almost any team are obnoxious in one way or another...I know a lot of Steelers fans are! I think it almost goes hand in hand with liking sports. To be perfectly honest, I met a good number of Red Sox fans at Baltimore Comicon last September, of all places (the Sawx were in town for a three game series), and they couldn't've been nicer. Just really good folks, and I can only assume they were Pats fans as well, cause really, if you're from Boston, why wouldn't'cha be? My overall frustration with Boston is the fact that they're so collectively annoying...they were insufferable whiners when their teams always choked, as if their heartbreak was some special, mythical kind of suffering. Combine that with the fact that they're suddenly winning everything, and seem to think that they deserve it on some cosmic level, not to mention thinking that anyone outside New England gives a shit, and they're somehow more annoying now!

My hate for the Pats, though, is mainly about my pathological need to root against a winner (dynasties and perfection is soooo boring), the fact that the Pats beat the Steelers in the AFC Championship TWICE, and my belief that Bill Belichick is a rude, sour, humorless turd of a man. I don't care how good a coach he is, there's just nothing cool about the way he treats people (and, y'know, the fact he cheats). Anything that chips away at his "super-genius" rep is okay with me, and Sunday night just about took a jackhammer to his pedestal.

Jay Geldhof said...

Less "pig-skin," more uh, skin.