Baltimore Postgame

Had a great weekend at the Baltimore Comicon....I haven't been since the show's infancy back in 2001, and its evolved into a pretty amazing, fun show. J Chris and I were talking about how one of the best things about it is that, like Heroes Con (and unlike those awful Wizard shows and, increasingly, San Diego), it's all about comics. Odd that that should be the exception rather than the norm, but that's this crazy business for you.

Anyhow, with J Chris a little under the weather and me wanting to do nothing more than have an uninteruppted night's sleep for the first time in ten weeks, we decided to avoid the festivities of the Harvey Awards Saturday night and just hang out at the burrito place next to the convention center, drink some sodies, and catch up on everything. It was pretty awesome.


willy willions said...

Any more pics? I'd love to see JCC's smiling face.

Robert Ullman said...

Sadly, this is the only one I have...I forgot to bring the camera!
Good news is, Pitzer brought his!


Devon Sanders said...

Thanks again for the incredible Black Canary piece you did for me.

Many "OOO" & "AAAAHS" have been said upon laying eyes upon it.