Heroes Report

I've been trying to come up with something interesting and useful to say about Heroes Can this past weekend...but really, I find myself struggling to find something that hasn't been said before. The show was awesome, as usual, and the grand Indie Island experinment seems to gain steam every year. Huge yet manageable crowds... I got to meet a ton of new people and talk to another couple dozen returning fans from years past. I was so busy jawing, in fact, that I scarcely had time to get out from behind the table to take any photos or buy much crazy fanboy crap...although I was excited to find and purchase an original, unopened set of C-3PO Underoos from 1980 that I'll give our soon-to-be-born daughter in about six years. Other con deals: lots of cheap, cheap trade paperbacks (I'm talking >$5) and a couple of those ridiculous Adam Hughes DC Comics Statue thingees.

If there's one thing I can be effusive about, it's my gratitude to the organizers and staff who put together one of the best, breeziest shows I've ever attended, year after year. I'm sure they're working their asses off all year, but once the middle of June rolls around, they make it look easy. And they take such good care of you! Even nobodies like myself! Those guys have my sincerest, undying gratitude.


Mack said...

That is one smokin' hot Zatanna.

Sassy Redhead said...

And just WHAT goes into the hat, Chappy? What are you pointing to the inside of the hat for? Hmmmm?
- The wife.