Super Bowl Fever!!

I've had a hard time concentrating this week...even harder than normal. With my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers playing in Super Bowl XL this weekend (and with a decent chance to win), all I've been able to think about is the big game. Now, most of the folks I know, and the artists in particular, couldn't give a squirt about football, so I've kept this obsession to myself. But now I think I've finally come up with a way to catch everyone's interest in something sports-related.

Now, the Steelers are one of a handful of teams that don't have cheerleaders (although, actually, they were the first NFL team to start a cheerleading squad, the Steelerettes, back in 1962. But that's another story.). Not much of a loss, really, but it would be kind of cool. Also, as I've perused photos of the dancers of other NFL teams, doing "research" for this l'il project, I've noticed that the best cheerleader costumes take the teams mascot or namesake, and add the prefix "slutty", as evidenced by the Buccaneers' slutty pirate look, or the Colts' slutty cowgirl look. To that end, I give you: Steelerette '06-The Slutty Steelworker!

I don't know how easy it'd be to do complex dance moves in work boots and a hardhat, but that's not my problem. I'm just the idea guy.

Obviously, I need help. But rest assured, after this weekend I should be back to normal...unless I'm in mourning, which I don't even want to think about!


J Chris Campbell said...

Dude, this would have been a great game to watch with you if the Panthers would have won thier game. I watched the last 2 games they played and I swear there were 2 different teams. When they played the Sea Hawks it was horrible. A nightmare.

But I'll be watching anyway. And thinking about those Steeler Girls in their work boots.
Grand idea my friend. Grand idea.

john daniels said...

Rob, lovely really. You know the Packers don't have cheerleaders either...-John Daniels